How many dates (hangouts) it took you to land a first lip kiss the date?

Despite all the romantic fictional stories and pick up materials. How many dates did it take for your guy to land a first kiss on your lips? I wonder if it is always kiss on first date.

Also the guys that didn't kiss you on first date, are you still together?

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  • Kiss on second date
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  • Kiss on third
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  • With my boyfriend, we kissed on the train after our first date. It was my first kiss too and we are still together on and off for 2 years.

    • Would you say that if a girl is willing to go out with the guy then she generally can imagine herself kissing him if he treats her right? I am an Asian guy. I find White girls to be a lot more straight forward or confident with their indicators of interest. Like if they find me attractive they would blush or find reasons to talk to me, although I have never dated a White girl, and I really should judging how things are going. With Asian girls and part Asian girls, I find it difficult to kiss them on first date, it is like they think I am not good enough for them or something. I feel like my confidence is crushed a little after going out with them, not sure if it is because they can get someone better, or just shy and good at holding back.

    • For your first question, it depends. If she agrees to go on a date with you, she at least finds you interesting enough to spend time with. You shouldn't go on a first date expecting too much though. You will end up feeling very disappointed if things do't go as planned. Some dates go extremely well, some make really funny stories to tell down the road because they went so bad. Don't expect much. Go with the flow😊

    • For one of the girls (Asian), she agrees at the end to do "this" again sometime soon. I rather she had a good thought about whether she can ever imagine herself being physical with me before coming out again. Not that I am trying to get in her sack, but the reality is, a relationship without the physical aspect down the road would just be friend zoned. I don't want to waste my time.

      With the second girl, (part Asian), we've gone out twice, first date she liked it when I hugged and held her hands, and put my arm around her shoulder. But she shied away from the kiss, and I turned it into a hug... Second date I did the same things when the sky was pelting hail.

      Neither of these girls would initiate texting... but they would come out with me one on one... I am so confused where this is heading...

Most Helpful Guy

  • Honestly, at this day and age you should be aiming to hit a homer and not just a kiss. Getting a kiss is pretty easy since most girls go into the date expecting one. Literally all you have to do is not be weird, be normal and go for a kiss and she'll reciprocate.

    • just look at what she does and how she behaves around you, that should be a clue to if she wants it or not. My favorite first date is dinner then a walk. I usually go for the kiss within the first 10min of our walk unless I want to kiss her at a specific spot because it's more romantic meaning she'll like it more and like me more for it meaning my chances to go further that night increase. Anyway, I love going fordinner and a walk because it tells you so much about her interest level. At dinner, is she leaning in? Does she eat slow? Does she reach over to touch your hand even slightly? During the walk you can tell soooo much about her interest level. Is she walking fast or slow? How close is she walking to you? Is she "accidentally" bumping into you. When she looks at you for those split seconds while walking does she look at your eyes or lips? Did she eat a breath mint after dinner (yes some firls do make it that obvious lol). Those are all things you need to look for.

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    • No, it's the opposite. If a girl is that shy around you it means that YOU'RE making her shy and nervous. That's a good thing, it means she likes you. You have to learn how to put yourself in a girl's shoes and see what they want, once you can do that all you have to do is mimic what you believe the perfect guy for them would do. I'm not saying this to be a dick, I'm seriously trying to help you out because I was a late bloomer myself, you need to man the fuck up. You have to have the mindset that she wants you because you're a fucking man. You're a man that women want to be with and want to fuck. You're a man who's going to do whatever the fuck he wants because you don't care what others think about you. You're going to be that man that's going to brush her hair behind her ear while looking right into her eyes and giving her the I want to fuck you eyes and then kiss her passionately. You're going to be that man that's going to lush her against the wall while you're kissing her.

    • you're going to be that man that's going to fuck her brains out and pull on her hair and throw her around the bed. That's what you're going to be, a fucking man. Own it and live by it and you'll be amazed at how much better you'll get. I promise you that I do know what I'm talking about and that I can pull women whenever I want. You just have to own it. Seriously, I'm 100% sure you know that you're not being manly and that you probably have this image in your head of what being a real man is all about and you know you're living short of that image. You know exactly what you should be doing, but you're doubting yourself and holding back. Believe in yourself and start acting like that confident man you've always imagined yourself being.

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  • It honestly depends if the moment feels right. But I have never kissed anyone on the first date.

    • I am always ready to kiss the dates, but I feel that they are not ready, not sure if it is because I am marginally attractive in their eyes or they are just shy... Hopefully getting a third date with a girl and I will just go for it.

    • Its all about body language and if she is gelling with you. I have full thick lips and smile a lot and guys seem to think just because I am being friendly, that I am ready to dive and smooch anytime but I like to have my own phase so yeah haha.

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  • um i normally end up kissing when i first meet a woman im interested in.. and often even those im not interested in.