Falling for a friend, How to handle it?

So I am pretty sure I am very deep in the friend zone. She is 28 and I am 26, so she is older. I been friends with her for years, we have talked every day almost. Only time we didn't talk was when she was dating someone for a few months. I was trying to date her then, she finally said she didn't feel the same way about me. Then finally saying she was dating someone, which she hid from me till then. That was a few years ago, afterwards I didn't contact her. Well the day she broke thing off with that guy, she blew up my phone. Stated talking every day with me again.
Until I started dating someone I slowed down talking to her. She was all worried she was bugging me, asking if i wanted to talk. Always telling me not to be a stranger. I was still talking to her, just not as much because I was very busy with every thing. She asked me to dinner a few times which I went. Well my relationship fell though after a month, which I never told her about.
So we started talking every day again. She told me she is lonely. She is the one to start talking every day, Wishes me a good day every day. She ask me to do things with her often, which is hard with our schedules. though we find time for things. She ask me over to her house for dinner and to watch movies. She wanted me to spend a day with her, saying it was up to me what we do. I got a lot of smiles and laughs out of her, teased her a bit. Which she not one to smile a lot.
She compliments how sweet I am. She wants us to take a vacation next summer, go to movies coming out this month. Do more movie nights at her house.
Like I said before she always texts me everyday, even at work where see doesn't really have that much time. Wishing me a good day everyday. We have everything in common. Lately I find myself liking her more then friends. Do you think I have any chance with this girl? How should I handle it?

We don't get to hang out often because of our schedules, but she is changing shifts at work. So it is going to be a lot easier. She hugs me before I leave when we hangout. She has been the one pushing hanging out more lately. Usually I pay for dinner when we do go out. The last time we hung out she seem slightly different, a lot more happier and smiles around me, even laughing. she is normally pretty serious. I am still think I am pretty deep in the friend zone though.


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  • You need to be more unavailable to her. Show her that you have other stuff to do instead of always being around for her. Also, mention other chicks from time to time or mention your ex in front of her.


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  • She seems to have missed you as a friend when she was dating and you were dating. I think that you should take a month and be really busy. Don't go out of your way to contact her. Take that month and think about it. Do you really like her or do you just want to be with someone. Think about the things you hate about her and what you like about her. After that month make your decision and tell her. Ask her out on a real date! or just stay her freind and don't let her take up to much of your time.
    It sounds like she is just seeing you as her good freind. That she can hang out with and be with. Take a time and talk to her to see if she even wants to date you. If she just wants to be freinds just be freinds.
    If you have any more questions message me. I have been there twice with two different women and two different situations with each of them.

    • There is a lot I like about her, and only a few things I don't. I have been thinking about it I do like her, she makes me want to be with someone. I really don't go out of my way to contact her. Very rarely do I ever message her first, she messages me. Even if I kinda of end the conversation, she starts it again in a few hours or so. Always asking me what I am doing. She even texts me when she is at work when she has very little time working her night shift. Then in the morning afterwards she texts me right when she gets out. Sometime she even texts me very late at night asking if I am still up. Just weird to me, from my experience with women that is a clear sign they are interested. Though with her, I am not taking it that way.

    • That is actually more how a women treats her trusted guy friend. If you really like her start treating her more like a date and then after she notices ask her out on a date. Continuing to just chat with her will only be a strain on you and she will happily enjoy you as a friend that she can talk to and trust.
      If she is trying to hang out with you more then try suggesting that you two should just go on a date. Good luck with her man

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