Girls, how would you like to be approached?


So there's a girl in one of my classes who I think is really cute and I would like to introduce myself, but I can't think of any ways of actually doing without making my intentions clear. It's not that i'm not confident, it's just that I'm not very subtle.

So ladies, if a guy was to approach you, what would you like to hear/how would you like him to act?


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  • On the first time you talk to her? dont jump right in right away, just give her a smallll smile and a hi. You got to build some type of friendly relationship before you even consider bringing you're intentions out lol

  • Does she show any signs that she thinks you're really cute as well?

    • She probably hasn't even noticed. She's always on her phone.

    • She's probably not into you like you are into her. This attraction you feel towards this girl is not mutual. You should take that into consideration.