Girls, once you're comfortable with a guy where do you like him to touch you?

And where do you like to touch him? How do you prefer to show physical affection to him when you're together?


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  • I want him to touch my boobs lol seriously though it feels good when my guy chill his hand on my boobs.

    When we watch tv or driving, just putting his hand on my legs and stroke is nice..

    I always hug my guy when we together I'm super cuddly. So usually I do all touchy stuff and he just goes with the flow lol I wrap my arms around him,, my favorite. put my legs on his lap, stroke back of his head and give a little massage, touch his boobs (he works out lol) and butt.. sometimes I hold his dong lol
    Yeah I like to touch my guy..


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  • Like my boyfriend? I like him to touch me everywhere and I like to touch him everywhere. Generally, if we're with others, I hold his hand or sit with a hand on his thigh. If it's friends, I love hugging so I hug my friends a lot but that's about it.

  • Anywhere he wants. my "Spot" is my thigh/booty. drives me nuts

  • My boobs, ass, pussy.
    I would like to touch his penis and give him a handjob.


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