How to handle a crush who is too nervous to talk to you?

He is 17. And I have a major crush on him as well. He has talked to me a couple of times - the more of his friends are nearby, the shorter the conversation. If his parents are there, forget about it...
Based on his actions [which is long and I won't get into it unless someone wants to hear it], I think he must have a pretty intense crush on me and is too nervous to talk to me much. He often seems like he wants to say something but doesn't. When he is completely alone (no friends or parents nearby) he is able to talk to me a bit, but he usually can't look me in the eyes more than a second or 2 and he tends to stumble on his words a bit.
When he has to come close to me, he tends to seem a little tense and more rigid, and he won't look at me at all if he's within 5 feet and knows I see him right there. If I say something to him in these situations, he gives a weird pause and it's like the simplest phrases take a few seconds to process and that's all he can say. Then he'll avoid me for a while.
I told him I'd love to hang out with him sometime, and he said he was too busy to date anyone right now - truth, actually, but could very well also be fear or something. Thing is, dating was HIS word. I never said it.

I will likely only see him once more. I really want to at least get to be friends with him, get to know him a little, but he's too uncomfortable to talk to me much even though he clearly wants to. Is there anything I can possibly do to help him? I'm thinking there isn't anything I can do, but... never hurts to ask I guess.

Thanks :)
How to handle a crush who is too nervous to talk to you?
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