Is 30 too old to date 23?

So, recently I met a woman at a party that seemed to really be into me. She is a co-workers friend. She was talking to me all night, and I gave her and her friend a ride home after the party. Her friend was rubbing my shoulder from the back seat so I'm pretty sure she was trying to hook up.

Anyway I didn't ask for her number immediately as my co-worker was in the car too, and I didn't want to invite myself in so I just left. I sent her a friend request, she accepted and a day or two later I sent her a message asking if she wanted to grab a drink sometime...

I have dated younger women before, but I think this would be the youngest. She did seem more mature than someone her age, but just wondering what the general consensus is here... I am 29 soon to be 30 this month, and she is 23, not sure when she will turn 24. But she is out of college at least... haha.

Hopefully she won't think I'm a creep for asking on fb, but I didn't want to ask my coworker if she was into me or not.
Is 30 too old to date 23?
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