I slept with this guy who didn't contact me in 2 weeks?

Hello guys,

First of, sorry for my mistakes I'm not an English speaker.

I had the most perfect date with this guy, we slept together and we got along so well that I was sure we would see each other again. I initiated contact couples days after our first date and he told me that he was overwhelmed with work and that he would contact me for a party with his friends once he is back to a normal work schedule.

Is he blowing me off, or is he sincere?
Should I ask him directly if he s lying to me?

i don't care about him not seeing me again : I want an answer don't let me know just let me go and be sincere. How can I force him to give me a direct answer?
And last thing : what to say to him to make him a understand that he a lying piece of S
(I know I become immature when I'm hurt)

thanks guys :)


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  • Eh I think its best to go along with it and just see other people. Its impossible to say if he's making up a story or not and if you confront him you will ruin any chance is there is one. He most certainly won't be calling again if you confront him about it.

    So if you do want to ever see him just let him be busy and see if he comes around, if its been a few weeks with no contact and you want to tell him off go for it. However its not going to really solve anything.


What Girls Said 2

  • Just be straightforward.
    You already know he's bullshitting you when he gives you 'busy be' excuse.

    I'm dating this guy, we been intimate, but sometimes he would take 12-24hrs to text me back, ignore my text, so I confronted him about it.. texted him whatever been bothering me lol I told him straightforward that him being inconsiderate is not cool, it takes forever for him to text me and stuffs,, and ever since he texts me more and replies me right away lol i don't know if my guy was playing games.. but your guy could be up to the same shit as mine.

    I wasn't being bitchy though, the key is to not be immature, clingy, bitchy lol even when you upset. keep it classy. do not call him names or anything shows how furious you are lol we both know he's not even worth that😉
    If I were you I would just move on. He said he will get in touch with you when he has time. I would just take that he's not interested anymore. And move on. if he reaches out to me and I still want to see him, I would. But if not, his loss not mine. He's not even worth my time typing text lol

    You want direct answer, straight up ask him.
    Tell him that it seems like he's been being distant and you want to know if he lost interest. But if he's the type hates confrontation.. most likely he will ignore or give you some lame excuse bc he doesn't want to be an asshole..

  • It sounds like you were just a one night stand. Next time dont jump into bed so fast. Move on and make better choices next time.