Best dating advice for newbies?

As long as I've been in the dating game I am still not the best of advice givers. A friend of mine is breaking put of his shell and deciding to out himself out there, but he asked me for some starter's tips. And lemme tell you all: I am not the person to ask. SO, I am entrusting you good folks to throw some information tidbits at me and I can relay them to my good friend. I do realize this question has probably been on here a million and one times but hey, what's another one?

I thank the good advice givers in advance. Have a good evening, everyone.


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  • I think it's all just the standard advice that really works most. Like being yourself, not lowering standards, knowing what you want, knowing there are some not so nice people so to be wary of red flags etc..
    All he has to do is start talking to more girls. Go to more places so he can meet more girls too.

    • Same thoughts here

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    • Online dating is rarely ever great and most don't find good relationships. Usually it'll be casual hook ups, if anything. Lots of crazy girls too.
      The way you do is more successful, always. Could he not tag along with you to more events? Then whenever your group of friends are talking to some girls, he can get involved. He can even talk to the shy girl of the group lol.

    • yeaaah stay far far away from online dating. Its horrible

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  • The best advice is to go out there and fail. Get that shit out of the way so you don't care about it anymore. Once you don't care about the outcome of the interaction you will give off a much better vibe than being a thirsty little puppy.

    Experience is king, all you can do is try and find out what works for you. Do a little research, there is plenty out there, and just take that and formulate what will work with your personality.

    At the end of the day though if a girl is into you as long as you are trying you most likely will be perfectly fine and successful.


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