GUYS: would you say yes?

I like this guy who is a senior in college and I'm a junior. He's going to graduate in 1 month. He knows I like him and he already said "i don't want to start a relationship here at this point.." I was in pain but I accept it.

However, the problem is I still like him.

So I'm thinking, in the last day at school, I would tell him something like "i know that we can't be together but I still like you a lot. and since I probably won't see you ever again, I want to kiss you goodbye"

Now, as a guy, would you say YES or NO in this situation?.. Please give detailed answers... cos I'm putting myself in a really big risk position here..Thanks!


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  • Wow, I would say yes,


    that is playing with his emotions in a huge way.

    He doesn't want to start something (it's not you obviously getting out of college and setting up a base for a life to come is number one priority) and a kiss will only bring up questions of what is he missing out on. Messes with his priorities and yeah, sounds romantic, but he is at a crucial crossroad that will decide the future for the rest of his life.

  • Go for it. Little risk. And even if he says no, so what.


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