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Did he actually have feelings for me?

So about 6 months ago, I was talking to a guy and straightaway he asked me to be friends with benefits with him.

I said no, I'm not looking for anything... (I was really insecure because of my past relationship) and I really gave the impression that I have no feelings.

For the next couple of months we would talk normally as friends (it was good, I liked him as a friend) but he'd try and persuade me (baring in mind he still thinks I'm a cold person - feelings weren't a problem as far he was concerned) saying I would love it etc I held my ground and said no.

Then two months ago he asked me again if I would be his friends with benefits and I said no because I would get feelings so it's better I don't get into the mess. He said no I wouldn't get feelings, and I said well you don't know me to know that. And then it was kind of awkward because all this time he thought I wasn't the type of girl to fall for guys (*rolls eyes* why are guys stupid - even being my friend he couldn't see the walls I had up?)

Anyway I never contact guys first, so every time we spoke was when he wanted to - I didn't really care/ or let myself care tbh - so when he didn't contact me again I was nonchalant and by then I was already interested in my now boyfriend.

Okay so now this guy wants to come back.

He asks me why I haven't contacted him in over a month, and I replied saying well he didn't either. And then he said he going through things so couldn't (*what a typical excuse*) anyway then he asks me:
"Did you miss me? Or forget me?"
I replied: "Before I waste your time I should tell I'm seeing someone now"
Him: "Mehh... Unsee him."
Me: "Why"
Him: "Because. I don't need a reason"
Me: "I do"
Him: "Hmm. I liked you before"
Me: "No. You wanted to hookup. When as he likes me"
Him: "Ok then. Fuck it."

And then I asked if I should delete his number or does he want stay friends and then he says oh you're friend zoning me now?

(And I'll show the rest in screenshots)
Did he actually have feelings for me?
So did he actually like me?
No, he doesn't actually have feelings for me and only wants one thing.
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Did he actually have feelings for me?
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