Why does he say he has feelings for me if he can't make time to see me?

He tells how much I mean to him and how attracted he's to me.
He even has written me poems but it's so hard to make plans with him.
He has a busy life but it drives me crazy when so often something comes up.
Normally I would say he tells those sweet things to have sex with me but we see each other so rarely I'm going to rule this one out.
He says he's willing to wait a long time to see me because I'm so special.
Im kind of getting sick of him sweet talking me. Last week he said he couldn't meet because he had to work late but we ended up talking on the phone anyways so I wonder if he really was busy.
What should I do?


What Guys Said 1

  • The wise watch actions, the fool listens to words.


What Girls Said 1

  • How long have you been dating?

    • Almost a year

    • Well if you want a serious relationship with this man and he means the same to you as he says you do to him... then you have to take a chance and bring this issues you have up. Unless you are happy with what you have and are too afraid to open that door... then keep living like this. Learn to deal. Clearly that isn't what you want. Almost a year is sort of a long time... it sounds like he is genuine though. Basically just tell him your concerns and as painful as it may sound... give the old "so where is this going" thing. Sometimes people need a push.