Mixed signals - I have been talking to a guy for a couple of months and we finally met and it was great - sparks flew and all. What now?

But since then I've been getting mixed signals - so I'm not sure what to do. He texts me each day, but doesn't call often. Tells me he wants to see me again and misses me, but doesn't make it happen... He does have lot going on but I feel like I should of cut my losses... I feel that it shouldn't be that hard to call someone... or if you want to see someone, you just make it happen.


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  • Yeah, for one reason or another, he's just not into you. The texts he's sending are done just to keep you close so that you're an option, but it's guaranteed he's in the midst of sizing up better prospects. You should definitely move on and look for a guy who isn't going to waste your time.


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  • Girl, I have been in that situation hella many times to know that some guys are just talkers and some guys are doers. If he can't back up what he says then cut your losses. He is not worth your time since he can't even put in the effort to see you.

  • Maybe he hates being on the phone.
    My guy I been seeing never calls me unless he needs to. And other guys I dated wouldn't really bother to call me either so I wouldn't worry much about talking on the phone part.

    How about you call him and ask him out?

    If he's interested he will say yes and he's not.. there's your answer.
    You don't want to waste your time on a guy giving you mixed signals..