How to tell my mom I like her current boyfriend better than her last one?

My mom is divorced as of 2014, and the divorce became final in 2015. I live with my dad, and visit my mom every other weekend.

I finally met my mom's current boyfriend Aaron in person this past weekend after him spending four days driving from indiana to california. Me and him hit it off; he agrees with me on most things ("I totally liked her in Hannah Montana. She was much more respectful," "Let him have popcorn; maybe he just wants dessert," and when I replied that I already had a parfait before dinner, "Cool, double dessert!"). He's about a couple inches taller than me (6'2", 6'3"?), wears glasses, and has a beard (not really a beard, more of a goatee)

My mom came over today and the question slipped out. "Does he live in California or is he just visiting?" my mom looked at me, trying to figure out what I just asked and she said "He moves around for his job, why?" and I couldn't figure out what to say back to her. The truth is, i like Aaron more than my mom's last boyfriend, Jesse. I don't know how to talk to my mom about this.


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  • Tell her straight up! It doesn't necessarily have to be a put down to her last boyfriend, that way you don't insult her choices, but you can still definitely say that you like Aaron way more. She probably likes Aaron way more too! After all she is with him now, not Jesse. Jesse and her broke up for a reason. It seems to me that the real issue here is not that you like Aaron more than Jesse, it's that you are afraid that your mom is not that serious about Aaron, when you like him and think it would be cool to have him in both you and your moms lives. I think that you should not feel weird at all asking her how seriously she is dating this new guy. Make it clear to her that you like him, but don't want to get to attached if he is just going to leave. If it were me I would just say, "Hey Mom, Aaron seems really cool. Do you think I will be seeing him a lot more?" You can say this in a joking way, but it still gets the point across.

    • I was actually going to ask that, but i wasn't sure about wording. Thanks though

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  • "I like him better than your last one"

    • I understand that but once i DO tell her that she's going to question if my dad asked that or if it were my own volition (my dad questions my mom about her boyfriends a lot.)

    • "No mom nobody told me to ask it"