Why does he take so long to reply?

He takes AGES to reply, it can go up to 5 hours, which makes it extremely difficult to have a conversation. I know that he is online because he is online on facebook on mobile and on snapchat and also instgram but he just won't reply to my messages. Is he just not interested?

But he says things like "my girl" and "i want all of you" and stuff that makes me think he is? I don't know. What are your thoughts?



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  • Don't fall for his words and it is quite immature of someone to not even reply after so many hours. Rather if he's at work or doing something then you shouldn't worry about it as he might be busy and wouldn't be able to continue the conversations.
    Try telling him about it, at least make him know that you don't like this attitude. If he truly cares for you, then he will try to resolve this issue otherwise he will confront you about it and you'll know what to do.

    • no matter what time of the day he replies really slow, except when he is at work and the day is quiet he will be consistent with messages. To me that seems like he is bored and just trying to pass the time

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    • not in a relationship with him, but i have known him and have been talking daily (most) for about 11 months

    • That's a good enough time. You should tell him your concerns for the moment, if can be done in person, the better it is.

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  • it sounds like he wants you, but he isn't willing to put any amount of effort in to being with you


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  • He is interested but not that interested or committed to pursuing you. He sorta just keeps you there as a option which isn't right in my opinion. You deserve better.

  • Guys are like not very good with texting in general LOL but if he ignores you everyday then he's not into you. Otherwise he could just be busy, idk?

    • not sure, because we talk pretty much every day and he usually starts the conversation on most before i get a chance to

    • So then he's into you. Don't overthink it.

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