Is he interested in me or not? Should I give up on it?

he can take up to 6 hours to reply to my message and when he finally does reply, it isn't even a decent one, it will be like 2 words
he says we need to catch up more often but he never initiates anything
but he also says things such as "my girl" and "i want all of you" so i don't know what he wants, i've tried asking but he kind of changed the conversation

do you think he takes so long to reply because he is also talking to other girls
what are your thoughts


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  • He might be trying to "act cool" or it could be he is seeing other girls or "playing the field." If this is a guy you like just act a little standoffish. If he likes you this will make him more interested because he will start wondering why you aren't texting him
    so much anymore, and who you might be talking to etc. He will either start appreciating your texts as mentioned below or you'll know that it's time to move on. Hope this helps and good luck.


What Girls Said 2

  • uhh, just don't wait up. when guys do this to me, i read their message and i don't respond for at least two or three weeks. they seem to appreciate your messages more, as i can tell.

  • Sounds like he's not that into you.
    Calling you my girl/I want all of you/ being extreme flirty then avoid the conversation when you asking means he's just flirting without actually mean it.

    Then again it could be that he's playing games.
    My guy took 12-24hrs to reply me back sometimes ignored me.. if I asked him out he would confirm it only 3 hrs before the date or didn't even bother to let me know he cannot make it, so I confronted him about whatever his actions that were bothering me lol I texted him I would appreciate it if he's not being like that he's being inconsiderate n it's not cool, he's taking forever to text me, like I tried to be nice and complain at the same time lol and I didn't expect him to text me back but he did and ever since he texts me more and replies super quick.. so I guess he was playing some lame games

    Speak to your guy about your concern. If he cares he will listen to you.

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