The Girl Next Door?

** Asking for a friend!! **

My best friend (16, f, bi) who we'll call Marie came out to me in the ninth grade. Since then she's told me about the girls she's liked. And recently, she told me about her interest in a girl we'll call Kay. The thing about Kay (15, f, bi) is that they're literally next door neighbors AND best friends. I know Marie doesn't just catch feelings for any old person, so this has gotta be real. But as much as I want to support her I'm a bit concerned. Marie doesn't think Kay likes her and she doesn't seem hopeful for a relationship. I just want the best for both of them as they're both close friends with me too. Their families are close too. Anyone ever have the same situation? Any advice for Marie or me? (I just want the best for Marie, she's like a sister to me.)

Kay does not know any of this.

Girl has feelings for her girl best friend who lives next door.
The Girl Next Door?
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