Am I wrong to want my boyfriend to look for a job?

I've been with my boyfriend for almost 4 years. He lost his job a year ago and he hasn't made any efforts to made another job. I was supportive in the beginning but it's been a year and he hasn't made any effort to made another job. All I see him doing is selling junk on eBay and Craigslist for money.

He is 35 and lives with his parents so he doesn't have any expenses. Everything else, I'm covering. I'm getting extremely frustrated and resentful. It would be a different story if he was actually trying and unable to find a job. But he's not trying.

Am I wrong to be frustrated? I feel like we can't move forward and get a place and get married and stuff because he isn't financially steady. And I'm certainly not able to support both of us on my salary alone.

I dont know. Help please


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  • You are not wrong for being frustrated. Both partners should contribute and if you want to get married then that also means both partners should help with finances.


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  • he is lazy and is suing people bc people keep helping him. You gotta show some tough love. Do something or nothing will change. he has gotten comfortable doing nothing and not caring. thats a bum. He is a grown man living with his parents and has a girlfriend who is taking care of him in other ways. That is not a real man. that is a boy and i see why you are frustrated bc your own man chooses to not be a man. Stop helping him bc you know he can do it if he tried and he is not. So make him go through some things to show you are serious and he gonna lose you if he dont get it together. I mean, loving him is not enough. He needs to wake up

  • I say dump the dude. That would make him wake up.