She likes me but isn't ready for a relationship?

i met this girl in May of this year, we started messaging all day everyday, long phone calls and good laughs. Eventually we met and went on our first date, things where great and going well. We met more and went on more dates and I've been to her house (not slept over), she used today she wanted me to meet her family and now she doesn't ever speak like that. Then at some point she told me we are heading to a relationship and she doesn't want one in her life right now, she pulled back, doesn't speak as much and we only have met around 6 times and only ever got a cuddle (not that i was expecting more). Since she said this we have met twice, once at hers but she wouldn't let me hug her like we did last time and the other time we went out where she was linking me in a scary dungeon but then ignored me after it... she doesn't make the same effort to message me anymore and i still try, I'm not saying she doesn't speak but she's pulled off so much I'm confused... she said she can't imagine me not being in her life but then if i don't message we won't speak for days. She always brought up other guy friends which does bother me but i do understand she can have guy mates, but since she said she likes me but doesn't want a relationship she speaks to everyone more than me and i don't know what to do its been around 2 months since she's been like this and I've just been down and paranoid. It was all going well we really liked each other and now she's just changed and i don't want to lose her.
She likes me but isn't ready for a relationship?
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