For girls: When it comes to dating older men, how old is too old?

I'm currently dating a guy who is 8 years older than me - I'm 24, he's 32. So far, he's the best boyfriend I have ever had. He knows how to take care of me, he doesn't smother me at all. I've never dated anyone past 26 before and I was wondering is this the case for most older men? Girls, do you find that dating someone older than you makes the relationship better? How old is too old in your opinion?


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  • I always had boyfriends about my age. The oldest was 5 years older than me.

    And I always had the feeling they're not mature enough, and that I had not enough

    things in common with them.

    Now since nearly 2 years I'm with a man whos 16 years older than me

    (I'm getting 29 this year, he's getting 45). When we met we've been 27 and 43

    and I must tell you it's the best relationship I ever had.

    He is all ur listing there: He doesn't smother me, he takes care of me, he is able

    to discuss things on a higher level and he knows what he wants.

    I'm so glad to have him, I never want anyone else anymore :)

    I really must admit that it's a big advantage if he's a bit older.

    I don't know if it's possible to say how old too old is, I guess it always depends on

    how old both are in their minds.

    As long as you love someone sincerly, age shouldn't matter.

    • I love your answer. :) your listing is the same as mine too. :)

    • Thanks, I hope you have a long and happy relationship with him :)

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  • There's a rule of thumb that goes half his age plus seven. He's 32. So 16 plus 7 is 23. You're just above the border.

    • I keep getting older and older, whaddaya know! I'm 53 now, divorced ten years ago. I haven't had much luck in finding a compatible 'other,' but I keep trying. i have had some casual dating- women as young as 35 and as old as 44. I have not chosen women because of their age exactly, but I think I'd be really be uncomfortable with someone under 30. She'd have to be really special to not make me feel awkward. I haven't dated anyone my own age or older not because I don't want to but simply because I haven't met anyone yet. I know one thing- age for me does matter, but character trumps age any day. As long as two people love each other and feel physically comfortable together you'll be fine. And most importantly, self-respect is the key to any relationship.

  • This question comes up alot. When 2 people truly care for each other and enjoy being together then age has no barrier.


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  • 8 years is not too much. Guys who are 5 to 10 years older that their girlfriend or wife are just nicer. The care more, they are more serious and mature. They are more reliable and helpfull. I mean I am talking in general of course.

  • I do not think that you two's age difference is bad at all. If y'all work well together, that is all that truly matters. I would say 17 years is pushing it when it comes to age differences. I am currently talking to a guy that is 15 years older than me. We really like each other and we connect.