Guys, What should I do?

So my boyfriend's phone has been off the past 4 days. Off as in it goes right to voicemail. I have really no other way of getting ahold of him and it worries me. I know he is really bad with his phones. Should I wait till it's back on, go on social media and reach out to his brother ( my boyfriend hasn't been on facebook since it was off) or go visit him at work? I need some thoughts on this. I also don't want him to get mad if I do any of these which I don't see why but who knows.


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  • If he gets mad that you are worried because he didn't contact you for FOUR DAYS, dump his ass.

    I am not saying he doesn't have the right to some space, but he should be checking in, at least. Given your story you have no way to know what happened to him, and you have the right to know. Even if you have only been "dating" for a minute.

  • I would wait for a few more days, then contact his brother too see what's happening.