Girls, What are some common things you do to "test" guys?

As title - do you pretend to have many orbiters around you to see if the guy gets jealous?

Do you purposely not respond to a guys texts to see if he will get angry?

What are some common tests you do?


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  • tell him I'm going out without him. one of the first, see if he's ok with me being in a bar/club, or if he's constantly checking up. tag him on fb & see if he left it on his wall or not, the text thing u mentioned, sometimes get little attitudes see how he handles it..

    • What happens if he fails the first test? Is it over for you?

    • no, he can't really fail bc I'm just trying to see how he reacts. some men are more jealous, some are more laid back. it's just about seeing what I'm dealing with

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  • When I was immature.. I'd test them by giving them the silent treatment for 3 days straight to see how they react or if they miss me.

    So stupid I know. I've grown up now though and understand it's rude and petty to do that lmao.

    • How would they usually react?
      Would they reach out first or would you eventually message the guy?

    • They would usually message me multiple times a day and I'd just ignore them until the 3 days are up then I'd say I was just busy etc.

    • Haha , that's interesting... How would they act after you said you " were busy " for 3 days?
      They usually pissed?

  • I don't do that sht lol it's silly, no tests but an open communication

  • Sometimes I pretend to be sad or scared to see what he will do.