Is it normal to be brought to almost be brought to tears from this?

So my friends told my friend I liked her, and when they did they said she sounded very excited. But when confronted me, I just told her I wasn't sure. Keep in mind that last month I told her I liked someone else and she began ignoring me. But we eventually talked it out, we both agreed we liked each other and we should just be friends and see what happens. But for someone who says they like me, she sucks at it. For one, she ignores me so much fu***** much and talks everyone but me (including boys) and I get so jealous I just wonder if I should give up. But then sometimes she comes out of no where and just playfully touches me and pokes me.. it's makes me so confused.
She basically avoids talking to me... which is weird because yesterday when I was at my locker she came out of no where and just said "Hi" and poked me on the nose two times. Then today for example, she ignores me and talks to my friend telling him about my other friend (who she knows I'm friends with) and seems to be laughing the whole hour. Then she stands near me for some reason, which I don't really understand why. But even if she says she likes me, it still hurts when she ignores me.. I almost got a little teary thinking about it and got pretty frustrated.. and her friend looked at me a few times next hour... but yet my friend still ignores me and doesn't seem to care about me.
Point is, is it normal to be almost brought to tears from this?

  • Yes, it's completely fine.
  • No, you're not normal. Go see a therapist ASAP!
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  • That's normal. You like her a lot, and she's playing hot and cold. If she doesn't get with it, find someone else to crush on. I just cried over my crush a few nights ago. It happens to all of us.


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