Girls would you like a second date if you went to a guys house and he cooked you your favorite meal for dinner? Or would you be uncomfortable?

Would you be uncomfortable because you are at his house early in the relationship, and would you worry that he may push you for sex (he wouldn't and does not seem the type) since you are at his house?

  • I would love that.
  • I would like it but be a little uncomfortable.
  • I would not like that at all.
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  • I'd be very uncomfortable because... HOW DOES HE KNOW WHAT MY FAVORITE MEAL IS?
    That's classified information reserved for far deeper in the relationship than the 1st date :p

    And he'd have to know it at the 1st date otherwise he wouldn't know to make it for the 2nd.

    • Just pretend you told him because he asked you for this occasion.

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  • I wouldn't go to a guy's house on the first date nor would I trust him with handling food I'm going to eat... people are too damn crazy to do that shit.


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