Girlfriend's Friend is An Issue?

So my girlfriend has this guy friend who she has been good friends with and I have grown to like him through dating her. The problem is every now and then he asks her for nudes (through text) sometimes it's obvious he's joking since they're good friends but sometimes he seems serious about it. She always tells me immediately and says no but it still bothers me that he even asks. He knows the two of us are daring since we are open about it. Anyway I could get him to stop? I don't really know him well enough to just straight up tell him to stop.


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  • Get to know him more, then see where this guy is getting at. You can tell when someone likes someone else. If you see that he likes her, then I'm pretty sure he is being serious. Make sure you know their full history together, because they might have secretly dated once.


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  • Wow you're a pretty chill guy. If I was you I'd tell her to tell him to knock it off else you should stay away from him.


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  • So let me get this straight,
    Another dude, her friend or not, is trying to get nudes from your girl and you're here not saying anything cuz you don't know him well.
    You need to be a man and straight up tell him, "You will NOT speak to her like that again, or we will have an issue".
    Grow a pair bruh!

    • Facts bro.. he needs to grow some balls 😂

    • @Naylaaa890 I though this was in the curriculum of "how to be a man 101".
      "I don't know him well enough to straight up tell him to stop" what kinda shit is that?