What should I do if she stopped responding to my texts after indicating that she wanted to meet up again?

Sorry for the length. I think some background may be helpful.

Met on a dating app. Been on two dates. Great conversation both times. At the end of the first, we stood awkwardly for a moment. Then she hugged me and suggested we meet up again. At the end of the second, we stood awkwardly and then I hugged her and said it was good seeing her. No kiss, no walking her to her car, etc. She started for her car, then looked back with a disappointed/worried expression and said, "We'll see each other again, right?" "Definitely," I said.

Okay, I admit both dates ended awkwardly. But her behavior (especially after the second one) made me think she genuinely likes me.

Texted her the day after the second date and suggested we meet up the next week. She said she would be busy for the next few weeks and told me why. Texted her a couple of days later and suggested a date activity for after the busy-ness was over. She responded to my initial text but not to my suggestion.* Now she hasn't responded to my most recent text (which wasn't about setting up a date).

I'm confused. She acted like she likes me; now she isn't responding. Maybe she's just busy, as she said she would be, or she's found someone she likes more. If so, I understand. But does anyone have advice on how I should proceed?

*Note: This isn't necessarily surprising. Neither of us rushed to nail down the second date.

The awkwardness wasn't because I didn't like her. It was because I'm awkward.
She was also busy after the first date. So I suspect she's telling the truth when she says she's busy now. Don't know if that changes anything...


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  • well there you go.. it's not a priority and therefore is being treated as such... maybe try setting something up calling her with a place and time creating a sense of urgency

    • Thank you for the comment. What you say makes sense. However, I tried what you suggest (over text, not phone) before I posted this question.

    • over text.. not phone, try phone

  • I think she was disappointed cause there was no kiss at the second date. And if she was interested she would reply to your message. Sorry I think you should move on. Please give this a minute www.girlsaskguys.com/.../q2163928-was-my-friend-tight-to-cut-me-off-for-this


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