How do I get over a guy who I never officially dated?

So I met this guy through my one good friend at work and we have hung out several times and each time we hit it off. We've only held hands but I took him to my jr prom and that went very well...however its been exactly a week since the dance and he's taken a total 360 it seems. He's not texting or calling me back and I don't know what could have done wrong. We never dated however talked about it and he actually was gonna at the dance but I think he was too afraid. Anyways I still really like this guy and just don t understand what to do =[ I feel so sh*tty because he hasn't been talking to me but has been talking to this other girl from my school all the time. I know I should prob just get over him but it was only a week ago that everything was fine


Help please


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  • find another friend or boyfriend or hobby to change your focus


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