Is it a good sign if he texts me nearly everyday but we only send about 4-8 texts a day?

So this man I'm talking to seems more mature than most men I've dated. He mentioned getting together this week but no plans were made yet. We text nearly everyday for the past week (when we met), but tho it's every day, it's way more infrequent than past guys. Like text 2-8 times throughout the day, which my brother says is good cause it means he doesn't want to spoil the in-person conversation. Is it really good, and how long til we make some plans here? Normally we go hours between texts, or if it's a good time for us both, we might have a rapid fire exchange with only a few min between then.

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  • Maybe he just doesn't like making small talk. I hate talking to some one about nothing. I just started talking to some girl yesterday and she was texting me and it was all good at first but after we ran out of things to talk about it started to kind of bug me. Then she asked if she could call and I said yes we talked about absolutely nothing it was small talk. I wanted to eat something so I told her I had to go and eat and she got wiered. She text me and I just asked her what she planed on doing for the rest of the day and she responded with okay. I just didn't respond cause at that moment I realized she was clingy and may have some issues. I went to bed and woke up to a very rude text that said if I wasn't going to respond to lose her number... so I didn't respond because she was fucken nutz.

  • It sucks to text. I find myself not texting girls as much as I'd like mostly because 1. I want to save it for real life, and 2. texting sucks and it's boring because you can't have a real conversation as easily as in real life.

  • whaty ypu mean?


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