What does it mean when a woman flashes her number to you but only for a second?

Is she just being a bitch or was it some crazy test of my memory? Funny thing is that I memorized it even though I only saw it for half a second.

  • She was just being a bitch she doesn't actually want to talk otherwise she would have given you her number
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  • It was some weird memory test
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  • But it was a 'flash' right? Cos if it was a bit longer and she had some cockblock-like friends around who she didn't want to see her giving you the number, maybe that was her improvised way of doing it.

    Most likely, she was being a bitch. You have the number though! So think up the best way to mess her up, and use it.


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  • Call her up and tell her you want your prize to be dinner on her, show her who's boss.

  • Her perfect man is one with photographic memory. Congrats, you passed the test

  • Why don't you ask her?

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