He unmatched me on tinder?

So I've had this schoolgirl crush on this guy since I was like 9, he's my best friends cousin and he's certainly got better with age. We don't speak or haven't seen each other in years but we are friends on fb, I have never made a move mainly because it'd be a bit awks. Anyways flicking through tinder yesterday I was greeted with his pic and we matched, I told my best friend and she pursuaded me to message him first, I reluctantly went along to go message him only to find he had disappeared from my match list. Either 1) he unmatched me or 2) he deleted his profile. I couldn't see his profile on the going out with list & I'm not to sure if he has deleted his profile. I'm now wondering if he's not attracted to me at all & matched me by mistake?
He unmatched me on tinder?
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