17 years old, promise ring for our 6 months?

I know what a lot of you are going to say. "You're too young." "Do you even know what a promise ring is?" Well, yeah. I do know what it is and what it symbolizes. And I do think it may sound crazy to hear about two 17 year olds getting promise rings for their 6 months.
I guess I just look at promise rings differently. I don't think that a single ring can determine an entire relationship. I don't think that a single ring will make or break a relationship (unless it's a wedding ring, of course). I simply just think that the idea of a promise ring is cute. When I say promise ring, I don't mean a $300 gold ring. Just any simple ring.
Anyway, my boyfriend and I are about to reach our six months. Now, we've been "official" for 6 months. But we've been BEST friends for over 3 years now. We know just about everything about each other, our relationship is just like our friendship 3 years ago, only now we kiss and do couple-things. So I guess it's pretty safe to say that we're comfortable around each other.
I'm in college, he's still in high school. (I do a program called dual enrollment where I can take college classes early). Where we go to school, doesn't change anything. We still see each other every day after school and/or work. Next year when college approaches him, he plans on going to the same community college as me, and we've been saving up to get a one bedroom apartment together. (It's actually a lot cheaper than living on campus).
Anyway, my overall question here is this:
Based on all you just read, do you still think it sounds really crazy to get promise rings together for our 6 months? Thanks guys! No hate, please. :)
17 years old, promise ring for our 6 months?
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