He's making me worry, what do I do?

My ex has recently started speaking to me again since the news came out that I had a new boyfriend. He told my boyfriend that he's making a big mistake and although my boyfriend told me I shouldn't worry because he doesn't care about him, I feel like he's going to turn away from me soon thanks to my ex. What do I do?


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What Guys Said 1

  • You gotta just move on, nothing is less attractive than a girl who is hung up on there ex

    • I'm not hung up, I feel like he's trying to ruin everything.

    • Just forget about him your only holding yourself back.

    • I am forgetting, but I feel like he's trying to convince him not to stay

What Girls Said 1

  • Block your ex from your social media and start ignoring their advances to communicate with you. Tell your s. o to do the same.

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