Girls, would you date a submissive man?

I am more of a submissive man, generally non-confrontational and low key. However, I’m not a doormat or a typical “nice guy” who has to please people all the time and won’t stand up for himself. I not seeking to be degraded or abused either. I can and do take the lead in certain areas but on the whole, I’d gravitate to being a follower instead of a leader.

I recently re-entered the dating scene and have sort of “come out of the closet” instead of pretending I’m someone I am not, as I’ve done in my marriage where I was expected to be this traditional male gender stereotype. It’s been interesting… It seems I’ve been able to get dates with two types of women. Dominant type women who seem to want to degrade or humiliate men like me or very progressive, liberal leaning women who have no problem with me upfront but end up getting sorta frustrated later.

So, I’m just wondering what women in general think about guys like me. Honesty would be great even if it’s harsh sounding because I’d rather know upfront what my chances are of reentering the dating scene being more honest about who I am.
Girls, would you date a submissive man?
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