Is she just being friendly or is there something ELSE going on?


She has done the following to me:

-grabbed my arm to make me wait, also during conversation briefly a few times
-ask about the shirt I'm wearing and put her finger on my stomach and trace the pattern. Then next time I saw her took a piece of lint off of my shirt for me and said "you have lint all over your shirt!". Both of these times it was right when I first saw her.
-she saw my chest flex and asked if she could feel it
-she doesn't move away or push me away when we walk near to each other and arms touch and doesn't have that personal space barrier with me
-she has wanted a bite of the food i'm eating or wants to split something with me
-she calls me names and we have arguments sometimes
-she hits me playfully sometimes

She is a friend of my girlfriend... I mean why would she have her leg/knee up against mine all night? or not move away when she touches me, or make a move to touch me when she first sees me twice in a row?

For Halloween when i first saw her:

She was like "ohhh boy i can't deal with this" at my costume and touched my mouth and by accident put her finger there and laughed. But she found a way to touch.

She also hit me playfully after i teased her once, and when going through the crowd she put her hand on my inner arm to stay with us
Is she just being friendly or is there something ELSE going on?
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