To text or not, that is the question?

I'm very new to the whole online dating world, and I have had many horrible dates along with a few great ones. one man in particular I've hit it off with and over the course of a few weeks we have seen each other a few times and were communicating through messages everyday. Thenot, the messages strarted to slow down and he seemed a little elusive. So, I called him up and asked him if everything was ok and he told me no they weren't but he'd be ok. long story short, he's not getting along with his father and it's hurting him, then days later his good friend died suddenly, and not to mention his ex of 10 years cheated on him and left him over a yr ago after he helped her financially to get her Masters. So, I can understand if he doesn't want to talk to anyone right now, but I was the first person he texted when he found out and after the ceremony. He has also made it very clear that he liked me a whole lot, but now that it has been since Tues that I talked to him I don't know if I should make the first move and just text him or not and just leave him alone, and see if he texts me.


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  • Leave him alone. Too much baggage and drama. You seem like a caretaker and he sounds like he has a drama filled life full of excuses. RUN AWAY AS FAST AS YOU CAN!

    • Thank you for your opinion. Sounds like good sound judgement. I am the care taker type for sure. Nailed that on the head! lol