Profoundly disturbed women flock to me like flies to steaming pile of... What could be causing this?

I don't mean it in a degrading way... if anything the analogy degrades me more. The actual situation isn't much better, 'cause I can't seem to attract anyone else. I mean, I don't hold anything against those women personally, but the trend is disturbing nonetheless, since the common denominator in the equation is me. My most recent "conquests" (and I use the word with all the irony in the world) include: My father's student with a lot of regrets and self-esteem issues. And a single mom, who all but proclaimed us the star-crossed lovers 3-4 hours after meeting me at a party where she was with her daughter, who I might add mistook me for Santa cause I had a beard and was wearing a red-ish hat. I now have strong suspicions that my co-worker has a crush on me, she's sweet girl, but she's an obvious neurotic and can be a bit unstable to say the least... Whether my suspicions are correct or not, I don't intend to find out.

By this point I realize that I sound like a total asshole for seemingly using these women, but I haven't forced/coerced them into anything they didn't want themselves, and besides beggars can't be choosers. I hope you can look past my shortcomings and provide me with some answers and/or insights as to what could be the reason for this situation. What possible character trait I could have that repels normal women and attracts the unstable ones.



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  • Some men have a tendancy to try to be a white knight who helps or "saves". Some project their own brokenness that women identify and relate to. Others seem stable and caring, those struggling cling to that.
    Honestly a counselor could help you unpack this better if you really want to discover and change.

    • I thinks it's somewhere in between the last two. I honestly can't see myself as a savior, but can come off as someone who has been through enough BS to be jaded/cynical and emotionally stable enough not to be phased by the stuff most people would be concerned about.

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  • Do you only go after really attractive women, or women who are still really pretty but their age is showing? They tend to be pretty insecure.

    • I never thought about it in that aspect. I wouldn't say their age was showing but they certainly seemed to think that way. I guess that's a factor too. But it's not like I go after that kind of women exclusively. I don't know... The current state of affairs really bugs me.

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