Moved too fast with a girl and want to slow things down?

So this girl and I just started talking last week (met online) and we've already been on two dates and slept on the second one. I can already tell that she really likes me and I'm worried that it's too much too fast. It's also my fault since I facilitated this by treating her like a girlfriend instead of a girl I'm dating. I had just gotten out of a relationship a couple weeks before we started talking and my intentions were to just do very casual but it's moved way faster than I anticipated since we really click.
Anyway, I still haven't told her that I have just gotten out of a relationship and that I'm not ready for anything serious, but I'm also not against anything serious if it's with the right person as long as we take the time to get to know each other. Basically I want to slow things down so we get to know each other properly before we enter the honeymoon phase. How would you take it if a guy you just started seeing told you this? She's already showing strong signs of attraction (she tried to convice me to see her again asap after our second date even though she knows I'm super busy for the entire week, she's told me a bunch of things and places she wants to do/go with me, we were watching a movie before going to sleep and she was almost dozing off while cuddled up with me and I told her I can turn it off so we can go to sleep and she said no because then she'll fall asleep and won't get to spend more time with me). I just don't want us to fall too hard and too fast to only end up with someone who we're actually incompatible with. I actually really like this girl and I want to do things right.
Moved too fast with a girl and want to slow things down?
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