What to do? Stop contacting for a bit?

So I have been talking with this girl quite frequently recently. We talked a little before, but she got really flirty and so on just nowish. I went out of town, and didn't see her in class, so she snapped me everyday back and forth. She would send me very flirty snaps, teasing, calling me flirty names, sending me teasy pictures, and so on. Then she'd say she missed me, that I was such a great guy. Said she wanted me to "wife her" long story lol. I asked her if she wanted to go downtown together on a date and she said she was busy and said maybe another time later this week. However, I get back from being out of town, and she sort of goes cold. It really didn't start until honestly when I got back. Now, she doesn't reply to snaps or anything, no questions or jokes, or anything. Just stop talking to her for a bit, or what happened?


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  • Maybe you absence allowed her to figure out her feelings in the situation? Or maybe she was just leading you on? Some people are mean like that. I say just move on because if she was interested, she wouldn't treat you like that.


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  • Were you being responsive when she's all over you?
    It could be that she felt you are not interested in her so she's backing off. Or she wants you to do the chase.
    But if you were being super flirty too.. she just lost interest I guess.. that's weird.
    She could be playing games to get you like her more.

    • Oh no, trust me I was being flirty back and showing interest, just went cold as SOON as I got home from being out of town...

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