What do you do in these situations?

I'm in this situation now, and kind of want an idea of what you all do, so maybe it can better help me or many others even. If you are talking to someone, getting to know them, and they come off very flirty. They seem very interested, send lots of texts and snaps, respond instantly, touchy feely, cute nicknames, etc. Then, they go cold, stop talking, stop replying, read but no respond, how do you react? Do you give them space, stop talking to them? Never talk to them again, talk to them way later?

I tried asking them out, they said they couldn't that day, but maybe sometime during the week, then got ghosted out of the blew. Read but no replies, etc. It makes me so conflicted because I really started to like them, and want to continue and try, but feel like I come across needy and annoying if I were to do so. Whats your thoughts, what do you do?


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