How do I talk to my friend's guy friend?

Okay so a really close friend of mine has this friend (also her coworker) whose pretty cute. They hung out once or twice and I kind of want to meet him. I don't want to ask my friend if she can bring him along because that makes me sound desperate and she told me a couple of her friends have asked that before.

Plus what if I tell her and he doesn't find me attractive. It would just be awkward. I don't know. He seems like a pretty good guy. I heard really good things about him from a couple of my friends who know him.

We were suppose to meet up with him but it didn't end up happening.(he got into an accident/he's okay ) How should I go about this?


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  • Try to meet him some day. Don't go with any expectations. Just talk to him and get to know him.

    • Honestly I feel like my friend doesn't want me to meet up with him. I found out that a guy (not her coworker, another guy ) she liked for a long time told her he finds me attractive. So she's kind of hurt about that, I could sense it. I feel really bad about it. I hung out with her today and she told me she finds the guy I want to talk to (her coworker) cute but he doesn't feel that way about her. She could tell. She kind of left early after hanging out with me to hang out with him and another friend of hers (it's a girl) . She didn't invite me even though she hung out with me for a short time and knew I didn't have other plans.

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    • He knows of me because she talks about me and he's seen me in her snapchat and instagram.

    • He will find out your instagram or snap chat address and try to contact you. You just remain friend with that girl. He will locate your address from her address.

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  • How about you invite them all to a party and just go with the flow and start talking when you get the chance.

    • Yeah that's not a bad idea but he works night shift. He comes out at 10ish. My friend randomly told me.

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