Well ruined everything didn't I?

My crush and I have been hanging out getting to know each other (he knows I like him) and I made the mistake of asking his roommate about him and I and now he doesn't want to talk to me anymore. He said his roommate said I asked him about our "relationship" I don't think I used the word relationship though. I told him I'm well aware that we aren't in a relationship. He wants to take a two month break from me because I'm over complicating his life and its controlling of me to try to gather information about him. The only reason I did that is because I always would say I had fun hanging out and how much I liked him and he would never say anything back like that. I had no idea how he felt and I thought if I asked it would lead to him rejecting me.

He wants me to start having more confidence but how can I when men keep throwing me away like this?

I do have confidence problems. I didn't realize I had to be perfect in order to get a boyfriend my mistake!!!


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  • I think its best to just work on improving yourself and not letting how men treat you defy you as a person. If things aren't working out with guys, it simply means they are just not the right one for you- has nothing to do with you so don't be so hard on yourself.

    As for your guy, sounds like you aren't the only girl he has been "hanging out" with since he doesn't want you question him or gather much info about him. You also have to realize that guys will say anything to get a girl. He MAY be single, but it doesn't mean he is only seeing you. He could be texting/ hanging out with other women as well..


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  • sounds like you might not of been the only girl if he's worried about you asking questions

    • Maybe. He's so sensitive and when I first met him he told me he was bitterly single.