Well ruined everything didn't I?

My crush and I have been hanging out getting to know each other (he knows I like him) and I made the mistake of asking his roommate about him and I and now he doesn't want to talk to me anymore. He said his roommate said I asked him about our "relationship" I don't think I used the word relationship though. I told him I'm well aware that we aren't in a relationship. He wants to take a two month break from me because I'm over complicating his life and its controlling of me to try to gather information about him. The only reason I did that is because I always would say I had fun hanging out and how much I liked him and he would never say anything back like that. I had no idea how he felt and I thought if I asked it would lead to him rejecting me.

He wants me to start having more confidence but how can I when men keep throwing me away like this?

I do have confidence problems. I didn't realize I had to be perfect in order to get a boyfriend my mistake!!!
Well ruined everything didn't I?
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