Who knows more about the opposite sex, guys or girls?

Who knows more about the opposite sex, guys or girls?

  • GIRLS know more about guys than guys know about girls
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  • GUYS know more about girls than girls know about guys
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  • It's about EQUAL
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  • Dunno
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What Girls Said 1

  • Does transgender people count as option? Like, they grew up as one so know the ins and outs of that groups mind- but because of the whole neurones and stuff they are also decisively the other and after changing they fit in really well with the other side naturally. So boy becomes girl, knows boys really damn well.

    Besides that i'd say both are as clueless as each other.

    • Well, here's one of us throwing in some thoughts. :P I started transitioning when I was 27, and before then, presented as a guy. Now, each journey is going to be different, but in my case at an extremely high level, in my own experiences which may differ from others, I've seen that guys tend to follow things which make sense, or if they don't, they try and understand it and approach it with a problem/answer mindset, where there must be something that they can provide which fixes a problem. Girls, again from what I've seen in my own experiences, try to cultivate social connections. It doesn't matter if there's a right answer to a problem, the important part is that there are friends to help you get through it even if they only offer support, and not just someone who ignores what you are going through and only tries to fix your problem and ignore your emotions needs along the way.

      I'd post so much more but am limited in characters in the reply, let me know if you want to hear more.

    • @EvelynGrace9
      I myself am trans and started at the age of 18 my transition. I know very well the intricacies of both male and female interactions- not to mention being in the field of psychology adding to that.

What Guys Said 1

  • Probbaly equal although a lot of girls think they know a lot about us but that's not the case.