I Need Some Shallow And Not Shallow Opinions Here?

Do me a favor: don't be an ass to each other for being honest on this post. I really want a lot of varying opinions.

I am a fairly attractive person (or so I've been told). It's not a very big insecurity, but for some reason looks are a big deal...

Have you ever noticed that if 100 people say you look good, and one person criticizes something about you, you think about that one person the rest of the day? Why?

Also, why do looks matter so much—keep in mind, this is NOT coming from a girl who's been denied by 50 guys for being ugly; I get hit on a lot, and reject a lot of guys...

Think about it: your partner's looks can make you feel better about yourself, like "Yeah! My self-image and value is directly correlated with their attractiveness! Hot people date hot people, right?"

I have tried dating people less attractive than me for the sake of not being shallow, and I will be 💯, it's hard. I feel like "couldn't I have done better?" (And we hear that from others, too) Even if the guy is super sweet, takes care of me, and loves me for who I am, if he isn't attractive it bothers me...

Why do we only accept those traits from attractive people? Why is it not enough for lesser attractive people, but profound for a hot person?

And do you think it is related to codependence? Do people who truly know who they are and love themselves as they are have an advantage here? Because I would love to be one of those people whose partner's looks are totally irrelevant to me. Much bigger pool of people, and more likely to be treated well...
I Need Some Shallow And Not Shallow Opinions Here?
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