Would you date my friend?


Straightforward question... If no why? If yes why?

My friend is 35, never married, no kids.
She is generally extroverted, but a little shy around guys in a social setting.

I think she is very pretty, guys might say she is cute or pretty. She looks to be about 25-26.

She is Japanese and in good health.
Petite 5'1, 100lbs.
She is well educated with an engineering degree and an MBA.
She makes really, really good money. She works... a lot. She will not do housework while she is working but she will hire cleaners etc.
She can't cook worth a crap... trust me on this, some people just weren't meant to do this.
She is only interested in marriage, not casual or long term dating, but enough dating to make sure marriage is the right step.
She is ok with dating caucasion, hispanic or Asian men.

She wants to have 2 kids. She will quit her job to have and take care of the kids for up to 4-5 years, so you will be the only source of income and benefits for that time period and she expects you to be ok with this. This is not negotiable. You are either down for this or you aren't. Her work ethic is unquestionable, she does not shy away from work.
She is respectful and values a traditional man, and she is not a user.
She values a guy that has his own life, she does not need or want to be the center of your life.
She expects a traditional marriage. She will take care of you and you will take care of her.
She dates off and on and has been in one or two longer term relationships, but she hasn't found the guy that she loves.
She wants an intimate relationship before marriage, but only in an exclusive sense.
She has been frustrated that she can't find the guy she thinks is right and she doesn't know why. She wonders if it is because she is short, or Asian, or works too much, or makes too much money or what it is.

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She would clean, cook, take care fo the kids and household while not working and return to the workforce when the kids approach pre-k age.
Would you date my friend?
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