He tried to kiss me what should I do?

I am 20 but really inexperienced with guys. There is a guy I used to like a year ago and still kind of liked. I tried my best to show him I liked him and it failed miserable. Then at a different time when I would withdraw in disappoint meant he would approach me try and flirt even touch me suggestively. I am so in experienced I would usually not react or react in shock and kind of swat him away. Recently, he tried to make me jealous with another girl. It backfired and I felt insecure and completely ignored him because I was scared of being hurt. This week we made eye contact and we finally broke the silence he seemed so happy he is hugging me and staring at me constantly. It escalated to the point at the end of a conversation I reached for a handshake and he tried to take my hand and kiss it and called me "his lady" (not the first time he has called me it). I swated him away mainly from shock it was old fashioned I was surprised. I hope he doesn't feel rejected. I want to show I like him but this had been going on for so long and after him flirting with other girls to make me jealous I feel really insecure about expressing that I like him. Guys what would you think or want in this situation? Girls what would you do from experience?
He tried to kiss me what should I do?
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