Girls, If you see that the guy you like /have crush on needs to shave everywhere then?

If you see him shirtless and he has stubbly prickly regrowth all over his body because he hasn't shaved his whole body since past few weeks would you stop liking him and get turned off by him because now you know that he is a very very hairy guy who needs to shave everywhere to look normal man and when he doesn't shave he has stubble growth everywhere on his body neck to toe back and front?

Hello peeps
Any more answers?


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  • It'd be rough against my skin, and I'm a physical person. I'd probably prefer you to go natural. I like hair on a guy. I wouldn't dump him, and I'd get over it. It's just nicer to have a super smooth guy or a hairy one. Pricklies hurt.

    • Yeah I understand your concern about it hurting your soft naked body while cuddling and rubbing hands on his body.
      So if he has LOTS of hairs everywhere neck to toe front and back. you would prefer he left them all natural everywhere?

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  • I would be more turned off by the fact he felt he needed to shave his body hair off, I would rather get my hands on a nicely hairy body than a prickly , stubbly body.

  • Personally, I find hairy men attractive. So it wouldn't be a problem for me. But I can't speak for others.

    • You like LOT of hair everywhere below neck to toe front and back everypart?

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    • Not really shocked at all lol
      My boyfriend is sort of insecure about his hairiness but he doesn't shave anything except his face sometimes. And usually I don't let him shave his face xp (jk jk he does what he wants lol)
      My female friends think he is "cute" but they are not sexually attracted to him. But my best friend, she doesn't like hairy guys lol so don't listen to her xp

    • Your guy doesn't even shave his pits and groin area? Hmmmm?
      Your bestie has ever made bit rude remarks about his hairiness? Or he has ever had bad experiences with women in the past?

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