Have you ever been in a perfect relationship that didn't work out? if so then why?

I am dating my 3rd girlfriend ever currently and the relationship is too good to be true. when i mean shit is really good its really good she's everything a guy could ask for.. we were friends before dating so she's means a lot to me. i ended up losing one of my close friend after we dated. So yea i am a bit worried since i don't wanna loss another close friend or end up hurting her. Am her first boyfriend and i can tell she has strong stromg feeling for me she may even love me. We have talk about this both and both have argeed that more then likely if we did broke up it would beboth of our choices.


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  • And do you love her?

    • I thought that would go with out saying. My feels for her are very close to the in love feelings you get with your first love.

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