Why would he have me pick out a ring and not propose?

over 2 months ago my boyfriend got sneaky and tricked me into going with his sister to pick out an engagement ring. after some time past and he hadn't proposed I started asking him when he thought an appropriate time for us to get married would be. he is starting graduate school next August, so if we don't get married before then the option is basically off the table for another three years. he admitted that ring shopping with his idea he said that he didn't intend to get married before school. he asked me what I thought was best and I said I wanted to be married before he started school. he seemed to be considering it and that was the end of the conversation.

I'm pretty upset because I thought he was going to propose yesterday. last week I was upset because it was my birthday and the weekend before he went out of town with his friends and had a great time and it cost him a good chunk of change. my birthday fell by the wayside and I was a little upset. so he had told me he had some huge surprise planned for yesterday that I didn't know about. he wanted to take a two-hour Drive 20 Scenic Place and have a picnic. I got over the birthday thing thinking that he was going to propose and that was really exciting. then yesterday rolls around and his huge surprise was just him taking me out to lunch and hanging out.

I feel that it was cruel for him to have me pick out a ring if he didn't plan on proposing soon. is it too soon for me to be freaking out or is 2 months too long? at what point does this just become a cruel game?


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  • Why don't you ask him why?

    • I sort of did but I wanted to leave room for a surprise

    • Ask him again directly with no room for misinterpretation and don't leave

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  • a ring doesn't automatically mean "marriage" it can also mean simply "gift"... why assume that in the 1st place

    • because an engagement ring means marriage and that's what he had me pick out

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    • well you may be right that would be pretty stupid you don't get your girlfriend to go ring shopping if you're not planning on proposing that's just asking for trouble

    • i never said he wouldn't buy the ring, i'm saying maybe he was scouting WITH you what ring would make you happy... and didn't buy it YET

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