Should I break up?

Should I break up with him?

First off we've been together 10 months. I've been through a lot of pain and tears but I've overlooked it all because I began to love him. We haven't had sex yet. I'm still a virgin and I want to have sex with him but deep down I know he doesn't care about me enough. Recently we discussed how I feared he would have sex with Someone else because he's waiting on me too long. I said I know men have needs and I'm hoping you're not the type of guy to cheat because we aren't having sex. He said I'm not gonna lie , I have thought about it but we are moving towards building a life together so we have bigger fish to fry. He also said he understands why men cheat if they aren't getting any at home or if sex with their spouse isn't good. At first I thought I should have sex to keep him but what if he doesn't even like sex with me and I break my own heart. He then said if u have questions about trusting a person you should just stop dealing with them including if I didn't trust him. The past two weeks I've noticed changes in his behavior. I have a gut feeling he may be considering or already have cheated. I don't wana leave him because I've grown to love him and he has a 5 year old daughter who calls me mom and is attached to me. Should I break up or stay?
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I don't know if this helps but I'm 23 and he's 31
Should I break up?
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