What's a good place to go on your first date?

there's this boy and I really like him, and he asked me out but I don't know where we should go on our first date.


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  • Depends a little on how well you know him. If you want to talk, a noisy club won't work. On the other hand, dinner and a walk will be good if you want some conversation. Again it depends on what you two want out of the evening.


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  • the fair, out to dinner, bowling, over to one of your houses to listen to music, the park, shopping, a sporting event, a sports bar, just ou tfor a walk, a picknic on the beach, a moonlight stroll, dancing, a dance club, anywhere that you both will have fun. chances are if you are having fun, he will too and anywhere would be fine with him as long as you are there too.

    hope this helps

  • a simple coffee shop or something...


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