Why don't you just want to have sex with anyone who jumps at you?

Seriously, I have to ask because of the guys on here complaining about girls not jumping on the chances of having sex with them.

I don't feel attracted to him.
Sex is a risk, I don't want to risk having a kid with you.


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  • Because it's how we're made


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  • Because I have to be attracted to them or it won't be pleasurable


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  • I don't have sex when I don't feel attracted to someone's looks or when their way of thinking about things is totally off. That turns me off really bad.

    What I've noticed tho is that men like to complain a lot about girls not wanting them and stuff and giving them a hard time when they just. don't think. they're attractive. They might be really nice, but have you noticed that guys NEVER settle for the "nice but 4/10 girl"? They always want the hot ones. It's like they think their personality should be good enough for any girl sleep with them, but they only care about long legs and flat stomachs and that's cool.

    I don't think personality has THAT much to do with sex. If someone is dumb beyond limits of course I would be unable to get physical with them, but it's mainly just looks. No one will get wild and dirty just because the other person is nice. I totally won't.

  • Most guys on here are creeps and can't get laid in real life

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